Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey everyone!
We are getting things smoothed out on our end and we should be up and running within a decent time frame. We had a tragic incident with the bank involving them eating our money and we have been trying to recover. We had just spiced up our blog too!
In good news operation "strawberry lemonade" and "cherry lemonade" cake balls went swimmingly. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them which means that when we are up and running again expect to see them in our shop.
Other good news?
We actually got written about in a blog! Hip Hip Horray! Lol, not even functional and we are still making an impact online. In other news you guys can still donate or suggest recipes to us at:
Later Blue Birds :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back To Tell You .. We'll Be Back Later

So, if you haven't noticed, we haven't been updating much and our shop is on vacation.

If only it was a real vacation .. in Europe or some close-to-the-equator beach. But, alas, the last couple weeks, we've had to do some damage control and we finally pinpointed our main problems. So we decided to close down shop to solidify our recipes/ingredients and then work on shipping to make sure everything arrives how it was shipped.

Some of you may be getting surprise treats in the main all for the price of .. being honest with us on how it shipped and how it tastes. :) If that was me, that would be a pretty awesome day.

While we're taking a break, we will also be working on some new summer recipes including:

Lemonade Float cake balls


something to do with raspberries. We haven't figure it out yet, but if you have any ideas, go ahead and shoot them over our way either in a comment or to

If you are really for jonesing for something specific, send us an etsy convo with what you want and we'll either open up long enough for you to buy your product real fast or just go directly through paypal and ship it out to you.


Bl├╝ Sparrow

Monday, March 30, 2009

Waking Up

We have been super busy on the Blu Sparrow side of things. We actually made enough money to go to the eco-craftacular fair but sadly enough we got into issues with chase bank last week that have hindered us from being able to enter at this time. Always next year right?
With that being said our $2.00 sale is still going on. Which is always a plus and helps us while getting everyone the sweets the need and love.

Also going on this week our mystery box is back! I bet many are wondering whats going to be in it this week. So far we have done "Carrot Cake Balls" and "On The Rocks". What could happen next?

We have a new goal for this month also for you guys to keep in mind when you buy which would be a food processor. We figure it sounds awesome and makes cool sounds.

Our playlist for the week will be delayed until later on this week while we try to get everything sorted out with Chase. Be safe!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What are you doing?

We've been getting alot of requests for this so here it is! You can pick any of three of our chocolates and get them in a sampler pack. So if you've ever wondered how hat an 'Ugly Duckling" is or what a "Dark Chocolate Sparrow's Egg" tastes like with a side of "The Ex Boyfriend" now's your chance. Plus with us having a $2.00 off sale this is like a steal. Literally, a steal!


Your choices:

Milk Chocolate Sparrows Eggs 4 Count
Dark Chocolate Sparrows Eggs 4 Count
Ugly Ducklings 4 Count
On The Rocks 4 Count
The Ex Boyfriend 1 Inch

In other news where were we this week?
We were featured on HeathensHearth's blog for being so yummie!
You can read that blog here


$2.00 off items in the store and it works like it normally does. If you buy carrot cake balls $2 off and then if you buy on the rocks $2.00 off which means you have saved $4.00 and get to be extremely happy and jolly!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So close you can taste it!

We are so close to our goal for the month to participate in the eco-craft fair but we need your help!
We cant do this alone...I mean we could but it wouldnt feel as community involved without you guys helping us!

I know I know it seems like every week we are having a sale but thats not true! Its more like every other week....
Anyway get pumped up!!!! Its $2.00 off items in the store and it works like it normally does. If you buy carrot cake balls $2 off and then if you buy on the rocks $2.00 off which means you have saved $4.00 and get to be extremely happy and jolly!

Or maybe you just want to try out some of our new stuff. Which means that now you can try out "The Ex. Boyfriend" for $3.50 after you get your $2.00 off. Which is simply amazing. All monies are refunded via paypal refund!

All I know is that you get some awesome swag for $2.00 off and that means you should do it like you mean it. And by do it I mean buy!

Also don't forget we are a member of team eeat! All thanks to you guys!

So go forth and buy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What was the mystery item?

If you didnt get in on the mystery box action this week you missed out on...dun dun dun

I know everyone has been wondering about the balls and that was everyones chance to get in! So congrats on the two people who go the boxes!

Now for the good stuff! We are introducing our newest chocolate today which is "The Ugly Duckling". These tiny little guys were not pretty enough for everyone else but well be wonderful in your mouth.
They are a cherry chocolate cayenne making this guys a smooth but spicy bite to chew on. The are also available in our shop today!


So what else is good with you? Oh what? You wanna know A FUN SECRET? Wait until tomorrow *giggles*

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pee Wee's Back and So Are We!

You guys guessed it! Our Mystery Box is back and good Old Pee Wee Herman is at the helm running the show just as he was last week!


He actually got some double time action because the first one of the week sold out in ONE HOUR!Since we didnt even have a chance to catch our breath we put him back up which means what is in him is still going to be a secret until after the second purchase of the box!!!!!

What else do we have in store???? Amazingness(yes this isnt a word) like you wont believe! We have our newest sweet coming at you today also. Its a layer of chocolate followed by a layer of cherry chocolate almond fudge, and then topped with another layer of chocolate!!!!
The name voted on and best suggested by Faeriedtreasures was:
The Ex-Boyfriend! Her exact quote was "It's nutty, and flaky, and it has your cherry!"
Gotta love something like that!
This is an amazing chunk of chocolate that you get. Its about 3 inches wide, 3 inches long, and 1cm under an inch deep. Which makes this insane to contain in one bite or even 9.

The Ex boyfriend

The Mystery Box

Monday Playlist:

Metric - Combat Baby
Matt & Kim - Daylight
Bombing Mansfield - Nothing Now
Amanda Palmer - Leeds United
Six Gallery - Say Matte
Pixies - Caribou
Modest Mouse - Float On
The Virgins - One Week of Danger
Ida Maria - Stella
Silver Jews - Suffering Jukebox

Pussy Cat Dolls: Jai Ho!
Edens Crush: Get Over Yourself
The Postal Service: Nothing Better
Mya: No Touchn
Ms. John Soda: Hiding/Fading
Yonderboi: Trains in the night
Solange Knowles: Cosmic Journey
All American Rejects: Breakin
The Dream: Nikki
The Sounds: Queen Of Apology